Power Without Press: The Foundation of Authentic Communication

By Vocal Authority | March 15, 2018

Now before I go into power without press, it might be helpful to know that I trained actors my entire adult life. Now I started life as singer/actor/dancer and thought I was bound for Broadway. But I quickly discovered that teaching was where it was for me. Teaching is about us, whereas performing is all about me. Right? Not only that, but what did you think of my performance. I know, right?

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Check Us Out on Explore Tulsa

By Vocal Authority | March 13, 2018

I started to see the application to what I call real people. You know, non-theater people, they could use those skills. And so, I just slowly started looking around to see if there was interest. And then when I decided to leave OU, I wanted to try this other career as a corporate voice, speech, presentation coach, to see if there was a need for that.

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A Lesson About Presentation Preparation

By Vocal Authority | February 2, 2018

Bucket list item #1: Do a TED talk. And…Check! Last Friday I did a talk for TEDxOU! It was amazing and gratifying in all the ways you would expect – the red circle on the floor, thought leaders from diverse backgrounds with challenging topics issuing forth in unique and inspired ways, opportunities to engage with…

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