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A Win or a Loss: Your voice and body language can give you a competitive edge

Even in the finest law schools across the country, there are few classes on effective communication. A good deal of time is spent learning what to say, but very little…

Using Your Voice Behind Masks, on Zoom and In The Time Of Corona with Rena Cook

Rena says that in the age of coronavirus, we all need to learn how to better communicate from behind masks, on Zoom calls, etc. and she shares tips on how…

Coach To Coach With Jane Mudgett and Rena Cook

In this video, Jane Mudgett with Exceptional Leaders Lab shares financial tips while Rena Cook of Vocal Authority shares tips on having a strong voice and presence. 0

The Empowered Together Podcast

While in Scottsdale recently I met a group of remarkable young women. They produce a podcast called “Empowered Together.” Their focus is highlighting the many ways women are empowering themselves…

Voice in the Time of Corona

Advice from the Voice Lady – Rena Cook “Help, I caught something and I have lost my voice – what should I do?” I hear that a lot these days….

In A Manner Of Speaking – Paul Meier

Paul’s guest for June 2019 is Rena Cook, a TEDx speaker, author, and voice, speech, confidence, and presentation coach. Rena and Paul discuss voice and speech, particularly among women.

Taming Performance Anxiety

Performance anxiety is part of the fight or flight response. It is a chemical shift that occurs in the body when the body feels it is in danger.

Featured in NSA’s Speaker Magazine

Building a professional speaking career is highly gratifying and also very challenging. The National Speaker Association makes that a whole lot easier. Among the benefits of membership in NSA is…

Podcast with Citizens of Tulsa

One of the great perks of the work I do is sharing it with amazing women like Charis Retherford. She recorded our conversation for her podcast Citizens of Tulsa. Check…