A Lesson About Presentation Preparation

By Vocal Authority | February 2, 2018

Bucket list item #1: Do a TED talk. And…Check! Last Friday I did a talk for TEDxOU! It was amazing and gratifying in all the ways you would expect – the red circle on the floor, thought leaders from diverse backgrounds with challenging topics issuing forth in unique and inspired ways, opportunities to engage with…

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Find Your Authentic Voice with Rena Cook

By Vocal Authority | January 16, 2018

In Episode 29 of Sally’s Performing Arts Lab Podcast, I talk with world-class vocal coach Rena Cook whose new book, Empower Your Voice: Women In Business, Politics And Life comes out in February. I’m your podcast host, Sally Adams. Every week I talk to people about creating original work for a live audience.

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A Woman’s Voice and Pitch

By Vocal Authority | December 27, 2017

A woman came to me recently saying she wanted to develop a compelling and persuasive voice. When I ask what she meant by that, she responded by saying, “you know, lower and louder.” I wanted to hear her talk more so I continued to ask questions, like what feedback had she been given about her…

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