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Does the thought of speaking in front of a room full of people make you break out in a cold sweat? Do you lack confidence in communicating your ideas to others, or is your lack of confidence holding you back from achieving your career goals?


You will laugh, you will learn, you will never think of your voice in the same way again.

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Creating confident and dynamic communicators for professional and personal success. We learn best by doing. Our workshops involve active, 'hands-on' practice and one to one coaching.

Rena's Books

This hugely entertaining, yet profoundly informative book by Rena Cook is destined to be a hit with the high-school drama student.



The book explains the nuts and bolts of phonation, articulation, breathing, etc, in a very easy-to-follow and sensible way.


Breath in action

The book shows that if we can learn to breathe better, we may communicate better, act better, sing better, and feel better.


Empower your voice

. It is inspiring, inviting and informing as it lays out a process for real and lasting change in how a woman expresses her ideas and opinions.


“I’ve always admired Rena and what she does but it wasn’t until she asked me for feedback on the draft of her book that I realized how incredible and awesome this information really is. I proofread her book, then reread it, then reread it again and took notes. Then I started to do the exercises. This was stuff that I hadn’t been exposed to in Toastmasters. This was gold! Rena taught me that I could actually control the fight or flight reaction by breathing slowly and deeply. Now when I speak I don’t go into fight or flight mode. Recently I participated in a speech contest and am happy to say that I was able to fully express myself, exactly the way I wanted to, without having to battle nerves. Although I was up against some really talented speakers, I did really well!”

- Diana Morgan, MA, ACEFTP

President, Distinguished Toastmasters

“Rena Cook’s presentation to our women’s executive group on how to more effectively use your voice in a commanding way was uplifting as well as informative. Often, it can be difficult for women in business to balance speaking with power and confidence while maintaining approachability. Never a dull moment in her engaging seminar, Rena addresses this issue with a clear expertise. Every woman in the group left feeling empowered to put the techniques that Rena taught into practice immediately.  Her breadth of knowledge on the topic combined with simple, demonstrable techniques to start putting her methods into action made for a powerfully transformative experience.”

- Nancy Bruce

Founder and CEO Lambrusco’z Deli

“As the former Speaker Pro Tempore of the Oklahoma House of Representatives, I quickly learned my voice had to have authority, but also authenticity, which can be a delicate balance. I am familiar with Rena Cook’s work and its application beyond the theater. The qualities she teaches for the stage are also relevant for business and politics. She offers unique insight for improving communication skills.”

- Susan Winchester

President for Research Institute for Economic Development

"Rena is a polished, engaging speaker whose expertise on the subject of speech lends her instant credibility. Her presentation gives listeners the tools to speak clearly and confidently in settings large and small."

- Nick Demos

Jenks Chamber of Commerce

"Your time with us was engaging and I was SO motivated by you and your energy. I believe what you did was the best I've seen since I've been involved with OJT. Your ability to move them (me) to laughter while you encourage self ... Read More"

- Dan Regouby

Filtration Group

"You said in Breath in Action, 'authentic…breathing increases our ability to handle a higher charge of energy…' Thanks to you, we are working with a high charge of energy at Texas Wesleyan, and we can handle it! Thank you so very ... Read More "

- Julie W. McCoy

Associate Professor in Voice, Texas Wesleyan University

"Rena's methods are truly life-changing and go far beyond basic vocal training. Whether coaching groups in a corporate setting or working with individuals one-on-one, Rena is able to transform a person's ability to communicate ... Read More"

- Lauralee Dick

Director of Communications, First Presbyterian Church of Tulsa


Breath is the Master Key to Compelling Speech

Power Without Press: The Foundation of Authentic Communication with Rena Cook

By Vocal Authority | September 3, 2018

I was happy to be on talking about Authentic Communication. You can listen to the podcast episode below and read the show notes here.

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Power Without Press: The Foundation of Authentic Communication

By Vocal Authority | March 15, 2018

Now before I go into power without press, it might be helpful to know that I trained actors my entire adult life. Now I started life as singer/actor/dancer and thought I was bound for Broadway. But I quickly discovered that teaching was where it was for me. Teaching is about us, whereas performing is all about me. Right? Not only that, but what did you think of my performance. I know, right?

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