Put Your Best Voice Forward

The minute you open your mouth people begin to form opinions about you.

The quality of your voice adds or detracts from your general "attractiveness" and your perceived leadership potential.You don't have to be stuck with the voice you think you were born with!There are things you can do today and each time you walk into an interview or meeting that can make you sound and look more professional, confident and competent!

  • Do you need more confidence?
  • Do you need to speak louder or more clearly?
  • Do you want to sound like a leader?
  • Have you been told you sound aggressive or angry?

This workshops helps you understand how the voice works and lays out techniques for daily practice that can have immediate and lasting change.

  • Free your body of tension
  • Stand tall and balanced
  • Find your feet - ground and center
  • Breathe deeply to power voice & control performance anxiety
  • Make space in your mouth, release jaw, tongue, lips
  • Enjoy vowels and consonants
  • Share your message with confidence, you deserve to be heard!

Participants will be given practical exercises and opportunities to practice and receive feedback.