Expressive Litigator

Voice and its Relation to Persuasive Story Telling

Expressivity and confidence in front of judge and jury, the ability to build suspense and to hold an audience are all skills that can be taught!

  • Want to be more persuasive?
  • Need to feel more confident in front of the jury?
  • Losing cases to better story tellers?
  • Want to up your litigation game with all-star acting techniques?

The Expressive Litigator: Voice and its Relation to Persuasive Story Telling, is an in-depth training course for the attorney who wants to have more vocal power, clarity and expressivity in front of judge and jury.Interactive, informative and fun - these exercises produce lasting results and can be applied immediately.

Divided into three primary sections:

  • Elements of Voice
  • Principals of Expressivity
  • Expressive Story Telling

Participants delve deeply into various aspects of voice, including breath, resonance, articulation, inflection that communicates meaning, and using verb imagery to find authenticity and variety. Using their own opening/closing statements, participants can receive one to one coaching to enhance Confidence and effectiveness.