Empowering Women’s Voices

Empowering Women's Voice

Learn to Speak personal truth in all situations

  • Are you reluctant to speak your mind for fear of losing friends?
  • Is your voice ignored in professional settings?
  • Do you feel your voice doesn't carry the gravitas that your intelligence deserves?
  • Does speaking in front of a room full of people cause you anxiety?
  • Have you been told you come across as "bossy?"

These are professional challenges that all women in the professional arena face each day. There are many reasons, both culturally and socially, why we lose our voices. And although we can't change society quickly, we can rediscover our natural authentic vocal power!

There are many books and seminars for women on various issues concerning women's professional challenges, all encouraging us to speak up, own our power, lean in, push back, take our place, take our seat, have confidence and have presence. But the question remains: How exactly does a woman do this? How does a woman overcome years of habitual ways of thinking and behaving, to find a clear, strong voice that conveys confidence, presence, and authentic power?Rena Cook brings years of training actors and a Master's Degree in Voice to professional women at all levels with a clear process to open and free the voice in order to speak personal truth in all situations. Empowering Women's Voices consists of sequential exercises that work on our body's muscle memory to actually learn to speak in a new and more effective ways.

Topics Include:

  • Dealing with Difficult Conversations
  • Finding natural alignment
  • Breathing deeply and centrally, which not only powers the voice but manages performance anxiety as well
  • Opening the vocal tract, empowering resonance
  • Articulating with clarity and muscularity.
  • Inflection that communicates meaning
  • Authentic confidence and presence
  • Owning the room

Rena Cook a Professor Emeritus from the University of Oklahoma where she taught voice, speech, and dialects. She has adapted theatre-based training techniques to the general professional population through her training and consultancy business, Vocal Authority, www.myvocalauthority.com. She is the author of Voice and the Young Actor and Breath in Action, both widely used throughout the US.