Staying Relevant with Dr. Holly Sullenger

Rena’s guest is sought-after speaker, trainer and facilitator, Dr. Holly Sullenger, known for being able to present high-level topics in ways that make the content easy to understand. She combines an in-depth knowledge of business and industry with adult-education techniques and infused humor as she speaks, facilitates in the areas of leadership, professional development and technology. She and Rena talk about a range of subjects from staying relevant in a rapidly evolving world to how to best prepare for a presentation.


Rena Cook

Rena Cook is Professor Emerita at the University of Oklahoma. She is a TEDx speaker, author, voice, speech, confidence, and presentation coach. She is the founder of Vocal Authority, a training consultancy serving attorneys who want to use their voice in more commanding and authentic ways. She has authored several books, including Her Voice in Law, which she co-wrote with Laurie Koller. The book provides additional advice on the above topics and more, and is available at

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