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Rena Cook comes from a theatre training back ground and shares strategies on using the voice and personal power in more compelling and authentic ways. Rena is for anyone who uses their voice as part of doing their job.

You will laugh, you will learn, you will never think of your voice in the same way again. Rena gives us all hope that we don’t have to be stuck with the voice we think we were born with!

Acclaimed voice coach to corporate leaders, attorneys, teachers and sales teams

Nationally recognized speaker and author

Professor Emeritus at the University of Oklahoma where she taught voice speech and dialects to numerous actors who have gone on to perform on Broadway, in film and television.

Julian J. Rothbaum President Professor of Excellence in the Arts

Voice over artist for commercials and animation


You will laugh, you will learn, you will never think of your voice in the same way again.

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Rena will teach you

and your organization how to:

confidence and personal presence

Deepen confidence and personal presence

Put your best

Put your best voice forward

Tame performance anxiety

Tame performance anxiety

Claim your authentic power

Claim your authentic power

Own the room

Own the room

Handle difficult conversations

Handle difficult conversations

Previous Speaking Engagements


 "Everyone I spoke with told me that they gained a considerable amount of useful information and found the session very enjoyable. I train educators, instructors and facilitators all over the world. I was watching your technique on Wednesday, as well as learning about voice training. Your instructional technique was first rate."


- Gerard A. Prendergast

John M. Campbell

 "My lungs were filled with gratitude as I gradually released the love during a brief appearance for a news blurb. Because of what I learned at your (TYPROS) presentation at Inner Circle, I humbly welcomed the opportunity to speak in front of a camera. I practiced as much as I could remember for the brief televised interview. I remembered to align my body, keeping my chin parallel to the ground, mindfully grounding my feet and did many rounds of the 4,7,8 breathing exercise to relieve my nerves!"


- Wendelene Rios

"I didn't get a chance to say this in person yesterday, but I couldn't let the thought go unsaid: your performance yesterday at 1 million cups was fantastic! Inspiring! Motivating! … Everyone seemed incredibly receptive to you and your new project. Congratulations."


- Victoria McArtor

MUSED. Organization

"Sign her up! She is a blast! Rena is very knowledgeable and is able to share her knowledge in an applicable way."


- Ericka Sherod

Bixby Rotary 

"Your time with us was engaging and I was SO motivated by you and your energy. I believe what you did was the best I've seen since I've been involved with OJT. Your ability to move them (me) to laughter while you encourage self analysis and confidence... is simply amazing!!"


- Dan Regouby

Filtration Group

"Rena is a polished, engaging speaker whose expertise on the subject of speech lends her instant credibility. Her presentation gives listeners the tools to speak clearly and confidently in settings large and small."

- Nick Demoss

Jenks Chamber of Commerce

"Rena has the ability to connect with the audience and really reach us in a new way. The best thing about her presentation is her passion. She is engaging and enlightened - the energy moves form Rena to her audience and you feel different."

- Heather Johnson

"I was feeling tense about an upcoming interview - this session was perfect I will encourage everyone I meet to visit with Rena."

- Joseph Martino