Significant at 70 and Beyond

In this series of 6 episodes Rena explores her desire to remain relevant into her senior years. As this is s ever growing topic of interest and concern for millions, Rena interviews women who have chosen to remain vital and involved in life as they reflect on their purpose, their fears and choices they can make today that will insure their ability to contribute as long as they are able.


Rena Cook

Rena Cook is Professor Emerita at the University of Oklahoma. She is a TEDx speaker, author, voice, speech, confidence, and presentation coach. She is the founder of Vocal Authority, a training consultancy serving attorneys who want to use their voice in more commanding and authentic ways. She has authored several books, including Her Voice in Law, which she co-wrote with Laurie Koller. The book provides additional advice on the above topics and more, and is available at

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