Release Anxiety and Find Freedom to Soar with Jackie Cleary

Jackie Cleary has 38 years of one-on-one counseling which she provides through Cleary Counseling of Tulsa. Engaging positive psychology, her focus is the happiness of her clients and teaching them how to remove obstacles to embrace life and its purpose. She and Rena discuss how anxiety can derail our dreams and some practical strategies for controlling and moving beyond the fears that limit us.


Rena Cook

Rena Cook is Professor Emerita at the University of Oklahoma. She is a TEDx speaker, author, voice, speech, confidence, and presentation coach. She is the founder of Vocal Authority, a training consultancy serving attorneys who want to use their voice in more commanding and authentic ways. She has authored several books, including Her Voice in Law, which she co-wrote with Laurie Koller. The book provides additional advice on the above topics and more, and is available at

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