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Rena's Books

Rena Cook writes books that aim to empower people through the use of their voice in professional arenas while helping them gain more confidence and authenticity

Empower Your Voice

It is inspiring, inviting and informing as it lays out a process for real and lasting change in how a woman expresses her ideas and opinions

Voice Of The
Young Actor

The book explains the nuts and bolts of phonation, articulation, breathing, etc, in a very easy-to-follow and sensible way.

Breath in action

The book shows that if we can learn to breathe better, we may communicate better, act better, sing better, and feel better.

founder of Vocal Authority

Rena Cook

Rena taught High School Drama for 16 years before she graduated to higher education. For the next two decades she taught professional actors, many of whom can be seen on Broadway, film and television. Through Vocal Authority, Rena adapts actor training techniques to help individual and groups be more confident and dynamic communicators.

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Breath Is The Master Key to Compelling Speech

From Breath in Action, Chapter 12 by Rena Cook “Without mastering breath nothing can be mastered.” G.I. Gurdjieff “…to be inspired– with words, song, dance, or art of any kind…