Let’s Get Vocal With Rena

Level up your voice and speaking skills with this comprehensive training course! If you want to use your voice in more compelling ways, tame pesky performance anxiety, state your thoughts and ideas clearly, then this series of videos is for you. Through a series of exercises, Rena guides you through a process that will lead to lasting change. This intensive 2-hour training covers the following topics:

  • Essential Vocal Warm Up
  • Taming Performance Anxiety
  • Raising Your Volume
  • Opening Your Mouth
  • Mastering Your Breath

In "Essential Vocal Warm-up" you will release habitual tension, deepen your breath, tune your resonance, sharpen articulation and warm up the vocal folds.

In "Taming Performance Anxiety" will learn exactly what is happening in the body when you experience the symptoms of stage fright and straightforward ways to manage it. If you have ever been told you can't be heard or your voice is too soft, this video is for you.

From "Raise Your Volume" you will learn how to speak loudly and clearly without shouting. You will be surprised to learn that your mouth is a built-in, natural amplifier.

In "My Mouth is a MegaPhone" you will learn about the vocal track and its role in creating the leadership-inspiring sound you seek. Learn how to relax the jaw and tongue, and lift the soft palate to give you a more vibrant sound.

Finally, in "Breath is Voice" you will learn that breath is the power source for the voice, its fuel. This video provides a deep dive into how breath for speech works and provides a series of exercises you can do each day to ensure you have ample breath to communicate all your thoughts and ideas with confidence, strength, and clarity.