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Full Vocal Warm Up

Breath Is Voice

Deep central breathing is the single most important part of developing a clear and compelling voice. Breath is the power source for the voice, its fuel. This video provides a deep dive into how breath for speech works and provides a series of exercises you can do each day to ensure you have ample breath…

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My Mouth Is A Megaphone

Your mouth is a built-in, natural amplifier. If your goal is an authentic vocal authority, you must open your mouth. In this video, you will learn about the vocal track and its role in creating the leadership inspiring sound you seek. Learn how to relax the jaw and tongue, and lift the soft palate to…

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Raise Your Volume

If you have ever been told you can’t be heard or that your voice is too soft, this video is for you. You don’t have to shout to be heard. Learn how to turn up your volume through a series of simple exercises.

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Taming Performance Anxiety

Fear of public speaking is an all too common challenge. Many people avoid speaking in public all together because it is so uncomfortable. Take heart – this fear can be tamed! In this video you will learn exactly what is happening in the body when you experience the symptoms of stage fright and straight forward…

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Warm Up

Here are the steps you need to do to get the voice and body ready to speak in front of a group. This series of exercises will release habitual tension, deepen your breath, tune your resonance, sharpen articulation and warm up the vocal folds. Be ready to bring your best voice to each communication opportunity!

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