Her Voice in Law

This book provides an in-depth training course for the female attorney who wants to have more vocal power, to build instant trust and rapport and have authentic command in all legal situations, including trial work. The authors go in-depth to provide a straightforward pathway for lasting changes.

David Ball, a nationally known jury consultant, and trial skills trainer, has this to say: “Her Voice in Law instantly joins my list of the top ten trial advocacy books.” He goes on to say: “In usable and concrete ways, it teaches and coaches you in the sine qua non of persuasion: finding and using your voice, which shapes how jurors interact with all else. And it’s learnable for everyone. But men: ignore the title. Most of your women colleagues will read this book and soon do better than you; Her Voice in Law is your chance to keep up.”

Back in my theater days, I saw that the success of almost all actors was directly proportional to the quality of their vocal coaches. This is even truer for trial advocates, and Her Voice in Law is a top-level vocal coach. So A+ to and gratitude for it. We’ve waited too long. After all, the root of the word “advocate” is not “law” or “strategy” or “argument.” It’s “voice.”

NOTE: This book includes a FREE online training program worth $399.

Empower Your Voice

Empower your Voice: Women in Business, Politics, and Life is written for the woman who wants to not only improve but change the way she communicates with her voice and body. It is inspiring, inviting and informing as it lays out a process for real and lasting change in how a woman expresses her ideas and opinions. The complimentary video, featuring the author and two clients modeling the exercises, offers a full vocal warm-up that can be done daily to bring your best voice, body, and mind to each communication opportunity.

This book comes with a free video course.

Voice and the
Young Actor

The book explains the nuts and bolts of phonation, articulation, breathing, etc, in a very easy-to-follow and sensible way. She provides frequent and succinct summaries of her teaching, enjoyable and relevant exercises, and invites the user to make a journal-cum-blog of this excellent work book.It features an 85-minute DVD of 28 filmed voice workshop exercises with the author and two students Fully indexed, with a generous reading list, and wonderful photographs of ‘just-like-me’ high-school actors at work on stage, this book will readily find a warm welcome among its intended readership.

Breath in Action

Bringing together a group of leading practitioners and theorists from the arts, the healing arts, and the speech and medical sciences, Breath in Action combines personal narratives and historical scholarship with practice-based evidence and easy-to-follow breathing exercises. Each section of the book looks in detail at a different aspect of breath: breath and the body, breath and the mind, breath and holistic practice, and breath and performance. Together they show that deep, mindful breathing can spread calmness, power and vitality throughout the mind, body and soul, and provide a means of transforming one’s voice and one’s self. A comprehensive guide to the potency, impact, and authority of breath, Breath in Action is required reading for voice and speech trainers, performers, professional speakers, holistic practitioners, and anyone else wishing to master the art of breath.