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Power Without Press: The Foundation of Authentic Communication with Rena Cook

I was happy to be on talking about Authentic Communication. You can listen to the podcast episode below and read the show notes here. 0

Power Without Press: The Foundation of Authentic Communication

Now before I go into power without press, it might be helpful to know that I trained actors my entire adult life. Now I started life as singer/actor/dancer and thought I was bound for Broadway. But I quickly discovered that teaching was where it was for me. Teaching is about us, whereas performing is all about me. Right? Not only that, but what did you think of my performance. I know, right?

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I started to see the application to what I call real people. You know, non-theater people, they could use those skills. And so, I just slowly started looking around to see if there was interest. And then when I decided to leave OU, I wanted to try this other career as a corporate voice, speech, presentation coach, to see if there was a need for that.

A Lesson About Presentation Preparation

Bucket list item #1: Do a TED talk. And…Check! Last Friday I did a talk for TEDxOU! It was amazing and gratifying in all the ways you would expect –…

Find Your Authentic Voice with Rena Cook

In Episode 29 of Sally’s Performing Arts Lab Podcast, I talk with world-class vocal coach Rena Cook whose new book, Empower Your Voice: Women In Business, Politics And Life comes out in February. I’m your podcast host, Sally Adams. Every week I talk to people about creating original work for a live audience.

A Woman’s Voice & Pitch

A woman came to me recently saying she wanted to develop a compelling and persuasive voice. When I ask what she meant by that, she responded by saying, “you know,…

Public Speaking Podcast

Thanks to Brad Post and Create The Movement for asking me to share my passions for all things voice.  Enjoy listening! –Brad Post with Create the Movement Podcast 0

Empowering Women’s Voices

On January 21, 2017, I marched in Oklahoma City, while millions of other women marched around the world raising our collective voices! Now, more than ever, women are activated, engaged,…

Find Your Voice

“Find your voice” is a phrase we hear in a lot these days: in finding a voice to speak truth to authority, in finding your voice as a women, in…