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Featured in NSA’s Speaker Magazine

Building a professional speaking career is highly gratifying and also very challenging. The National Speaker Association makes that a whole lot easier. Among the benefits of membership in NSA is a copy of Speaker Magazine. I read it each month with relish. Three months ago I submitted a few thoughts on resonance and here it…

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Voices of Experience January

Thanks to the National Speakers Association’s Chuck Gallagher, the host of Voice of Experience, for this interview. I am honored to share some thoughts about the speaker’s resonance. You may not have been born with the golden vocal folds of a James Earl Jones, but there is a lot you can do to make your…

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Introducing New Vocal Authority Team Member

In case you don’t read beyond the first paragraph, I am going to start with the really great news. If you are a fan of South Park, you will find this announcement even more exciting. Eliza Jane Schneider was part of the South Park team from 1999 to 2003, among many other things. Look her up on IMBD—she…

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A Women’s Voice: Asset or Liability

With two highly successful Women’s Marches, the “Me too” movement, “Time’s Up,” “Enough is enough and the numbers of women recently elected to political office, both locally and nationally, there is no doubt that this has been the year of the women! Women in record numbers are finding their voices figuratively and literally. Much is…

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Power Without Press: The Foundation of Authentic Communication

Now before I go into power without press, it might be helpful to know that I trained actors my entire adult life. Now I started life as singer/actor/dancer and thought I was bound for Broadway. But I quickly discovered that teaching was where it was for me. Teaching is about us, whereas performing is all about me. Right? Not only that, but what did you think of my performance. I know, right?

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