"Rena is a polished, engaging speaker whose expertise on the subject of speech lends her instant credibility. Her presentation gives listeners the tools to speak clearly and confidently in settings large and small."


"Thank you for your work with the Chorale.  You are pure magic!  Your spirit and positive approach to performing changed my choir  . . . .FOREVER.   I love working with you.  It was personally refreshing and rejuvenating to be in the presence of such an amazing spirit."


"Have you ever met someone and they reminded you of a long lost gift that you forgot you had? The second I met Rena Cook I remembered that I had a voice and message that needed to be heard. Her encouraging words and small lessons on taking authority over my speaking ability have rekindled a fire that has been noticed by everyone around me. If you need help in reclaiming your voice or even developing your confidence look no further than Rena."


"Rena's methods are truly life-changing and go far beyond basic vocal training. Whether coaching groups in a corporate setting or working with individuals one-on-one, Rena is able to transform a person's ability to communicate, resulting in a more authentic and compelling delivery style. Ideal for those seeking growth in communication, confidence and presence, Rena's training may be customized to either group or individual goals. Her techniques are tangible, the results are long-lasting, and, most of all, Rena makes training fun! "


"Rena has such a profound understanding of the voice and is incredibly experienced in communicating and demonstrating complicated aspects of vocal technique in simple, straightforward exercises. I have witnessed many, many students of hers, including myself come into their own authentic vocal power and presence under Rena's guidance. When coaching my own students, I constantly refer to her incredible book, Voice and the Young Actor, and my notes from Rena's classes. And wow! I have seen such enormous leaps and bounds in their vocal quality and in turn, their overall performance and effectiveness. But the best part of working with Rena is how fun it is, how comfortable she will make you feel with the vocal "work," and how much you will discover about yourself through the process. Actors, lawyers, politicians, non-profit representatives, singers, telemarketers, teachers...I highly recommend you start working with Rena ASAP! She will guide you to the vocal results you seek!"


"Your time with us was engaging and I was SO motivated by you and your energy. I believe what you did was the best I've seen since I've been involved with OJT. Your ability to move them (me) to laughter while you encourage self analysis and confidence... is simply amazing!!"


"You said in Breath in Action, “authentic…breathing increases our ability to handle a higher charge of energy…”  Thanks to you, we are working with a high charge of energy at Texas Wesleyan, and we can handle it! Thank you so very much for bringing your boundless energy, your professionalism, and your joy to our students....We truly are still fully-charged and are breathing like we have never breathed before!  Students and faculty alike have expressed how much they enjoyed your work here, and how much they learned and are still exploring regarding breath and expression."


"As the former Speaker Pro Tempore of the Oklahoma House of Representatives, I quickly learned my voice had to have authority, but also authenticity, which can be a delicate balance.  I am familiar with Rena Cook’s work and its application beyond the theater.  The qualities she teaches for the stage are also relevant for business and politics.  She offers unique insight for improving communication skills."


"Rena delivers an engaging and educational presentation. Her tips for about posture and vocal awareness can be put to use immediately by sales people, executives or anyone speaking to an audience. Rena's style draws her audience in with genuineness and humor. Everyone can learn something from her experiences. "

Ericka Sherod,

Bixby Rotary

"Sign her up! She is a blast! Rena is very knowledgeable and is able to share her knowledge in an applicable way."

Antonio Berto D.D.S.,

Specialist in Endodontics

"Rena Cook made a huge impact on my accent reduction which has allowed me to be more confident and take my lecture skills to the next level."

Gerard A. Prendergast,

Learning Advisor for John M. Campbell and Company

"Everyone I spoke with told me that they gained a considerable amount of useful information and found the session very enjoyable. I train educators, instructors and facilitators all over the world. Your instructional technique was first rate."

Wendelene Rios,

Tulsa Young Professionals

"My lungs were filled with gratitude as I gradually released the love during a brief appearance for a news blurb. Because of what I learned at your (TYPROS) presentation I humbly welcomed the opportunity to speak in front of a camera. I practiced as much as I could remember for the brief televised interview. I remembered to align my body, keeping my chin parallel to the ground, mindfully grounding my feet and did many rounds of the “4,7,8”   breathing exercise to relieve my nerves!"

Margo Bush,

Bush Publishing

“I was looking for Rena and so glad I found her expertise…She is an expert in her field. No one else in Oklahoma has her skill and experience and she is engaging!"

Nathalie Rocher, Ph.D.,

OU Women in Science

“Thank you for conducting such a wonderful workshop! It contained very helpful information that you presented in a very clear and entertaining way. I am looking forward to put some of your techniques and teachings into practice."

Mike Todd,

Partner & Executive Coach, Learning Unlimited

“I really enjoyed your ATD lunch presentation Friday. It offered plentiful laughter, engaging experience, with practical insight about how professionals can communicate better and be more confident. The
presentation provided fantastic gifts. Thank you so very much!"

Laruen Hale,

Association for Women in Science – OU Group


“Thank you so much for preparing a workshop for the Association for Women in Science. Personally, I felt as though all of the advice you shared was new to me and much needed. You provided us with a set of tools to enhance our voices and these are very appreciated. This was a highly regarded workshop!"

Dymian Kritikos,

Owner, manager at Mentoras Group LLC


“I have worked with Rena in various organizations and she provides practical, important, and significant training on her subject of expertise. She is an outstanding speaker, coach and trusted adviser on how to be your best. She shows passion and enthusiasm during her informative and entertaining presentations. She will inspire and encourage you to put your "best voice" forward. I highly recommend Rena for any business professional or team seeking to get that edge over your competition."

Beverly Tuberville,

Founder of Indivisible Oklahoma


“Rena Cook is a dynamic, humorous and engaging speaker. Her talk on difficult conversations was like receiving a year’s worth of counseling in an hour and a half. We all walked away looking at our relationships and personal communication style a little differently. I highly recommend this gifted speaker."

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